(Chelmsford, MA – October 31, 2018) Spectro Scientific, one of the world’s largest suppliers of oil, fuel, and processed-water analysis instrumentation and software, has released a new generation of its field-proven FluidScan® mid-infrared spectrometer handheld oil analyzer.

【Chelmsford, 美国 – 2018年10月31日】斯派超科技——世界上最大的润滑油,燃料油和过程水分析仪器和软件供应商之一,发布了新一代FluidScan®手持式中红外光谱油液分析仪。

Patented FluidScan technology collects light transmitted through one drop of a fluid sample and registers the infrared absorption spectrum. The analyzer compares spectrum data to a built-in fluid reference library and provides rapid, on-site analysis of in-service lubricants. Analysis takes less than one minute, users need no special training, and the process requires no solvents or complicated cleanup.


The new generation FluidScan analyzers have upgraded digital electronics and faster embedded processors with new software and calculation algorithms that speed the analysis process. It hosts more data and algorithm storage with much larger memory. The new oil library includes almost 800 oils and greases of a wide range of chemistry and brands.  The grease library is significantly expanded and a new water index parameter helps users track dissolved water trends in used grease.


New software algorithms include a fluid integrity parameter that permits users to determine if a substance with a different chemistry is mixed with the lubricant, a common problem in oil top-off process. In addition, a new biodiesel detection algorithm measures the percentage of biodiesel fluid in engine oil.  When combined with the Spectro Scientific FDM 6000 series fuel dilution meters, a more accurate measurement of total biodiesel and diesel dilution percentage can be obtained. Fuel dilution is one of the biggest problems identified in engine oil analysis.

新的算法包含了油样完整性参数,该参数可帮助用户判断润滑油是否混合了不同化学性质的物质,这是油品封顶过程中的一个常见问题。此外,一种新的生物柴油检测算法用来检测发动机油中生物柴油的比例。新一代FluidScan与斯派超科技FDM 6000系列燃油嗅探仪相结合,可以更精确地测量生物柴油总量和柴油稀释率。燃料稀释是发动机油分析中常见的最大问题之一。

A new ability to make corrections to stored factory fluid data eliminates the need to create new user fluid entries to correlate FluidScan results with those from commercial laboratories.


Ergonomic improvements include a 50 percent larger and brighter LCD screen. A new LED light in the sampling head enables users to quickly check for air bubbles in an oil sample, supporting improved measurement quality.


The new release of FluidScan analyzers includes two models. FluidScan 1000 is designed as a standalone unit for fleet operations or oil analysis labs, supported by Spectro’s Fluid Manager software.  FluidScan 1100 is engineered to operate on a standalone basis or as part of a Spectro MiniLab configuration. Fluid Manager software and the newly introduced TruVu 360™ Device Console (TDC) software support it.

新一代FluidScan分析仪包括两个型号。FluidScan 1000是为舰队或油液分析实验室设计的独立操作设备 ,由斯派超油液分析软件提供支持。FluidScan 1100既可以独立使用,也可以作为斯派超MiniLab系统的一部分。由斯派超油液管理软件和新研发的TruVu 360™设备控制台(TDC)提供支持。

Spectro Scientific president and CEO Brian Mitchell said, “This new release represents the ongoing evolution of FluidScan analyzers and also illustrates the continual improvement of Spectro products overall, as our company constantly works to provide our customers with the most advanced, precise and convenient fluid analysis tools possible.”

斯派超科技总裁兼首席执行官Brian Mitchell说:“新的版本代表了FluidScan分析仪的持续发展,同时也体现了斯派超产品整体的改进,我们一直在努力为客户提供最先进、精确和方便的油液分析工具。”

About Spectro Scientific

Spectro Scientific specializes in analytical instrumentation and software for machine condition monitoring. It is one of the largest global suppliers of oil and fuel analysis instruments to industry and the military worldwide. Industry clients include petrochemical, fleets, mining and power generation companies as well as commercial testing laboratories. Spectro Scientific’s extensive product offerings include spectrometers for wear metal analysis, lubricant degradation and contamination analyzers, particle analysis instruments, complete turnkey systems for oil or fuel analysis laboratories and the TruVu 360™ enterprise fluid intelligence data management platform.


斯派超科技专业从事设备状态监测的分析仪器和软件开发,是一家全球范围内最大的工业和军队油液分析仪器供应商之一。工业客户包括石油化工、采矿、运输、海洋和发电公司以及商业测试实验室。斯派超科技的产品包括用于磨损金属分析的光谱仪、油液老化和污染分析仪、颗粒计数器分析仪和成套的实验室油液分析系统,所有这些设备都可通过TruVu 360™油液智能监测平台进行管理。